Short Circuit 300 | The Cause of Action Community

It’s all about rights and voting this week. With a cause of action twist. We dig into the right to sue to enforce voting rights and the right to sue to keep others from voting for someone else. Confused? It seems so are the courts. First, Anya Bidwell breaks from SCOTUS prep to lay out what the Eighth Circuit said about Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. She explains why courts are so stingy about suing to enforce rights these days but also why this particular question might be much ado about not that much. Then IJ’s Dylan Moore joins us for the first time and details one of the latest attempts to keep former President Trump off the ballot. Someone running against Trump (who you’ve probably never heard of) apparently didn’t run enough. Or much at all. Plus it’s our 300th episode! But we’re saving the Spartans for later.

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Arkansas NAACP v. Arkansas Board of Apportionment

Castro v. Scanlan

Episode on courts creating causes of action

Episode 200 & Short Circuit’s origins

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