Short Circuit 303 | Larry McMurtry Fact Pattern

Motions to suppress evidence of illegal firearms possession seem to be all the rage these days, or at least on this episode. IJ’s Christie Hebert starts things off in the Tenth Circuit where an altercation between former high school classmates (one of whom is a cop) leads to the discovery of an M-16 in the back of a tow truck. Was that a Fourth Amendment violation or a permissible inventory search? The court thinks the former and suppresses the evidence. The same is true in the Eighth Circuit, where IJ’s Evan Lisull tells us the police can’t get a warrant to search someone’s home just because the guy who lives there is a shady character. Evan also explains what it’s like to live on a nine-acre lot in rural Iowa and how “city mice” might not understand.

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U.S. v. Ramos

U.S. v. Ralston

12 Days of Short Circuit Christmas

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