Media Advisory

John Kramer
John Kramer · January 30, 2004

On January 5 in front of Lakewood City Hall, residents of Lakewood’s West End and other concerned Lakewood citizens will rally to demand that the City Council remove the bogus blight declaration that continues to threaten the West End neighborhood.  Although Lakewood voters rejected the proposed West End project in November, newly elected Mayor Tom George stated that he will not ask City Council to repeal the bogus blight label, nor will he take the threat of eminent domain off the table.

?The only reason to keep the bogus blight label on our neighborhood is to hold open the opportunity to tear it down for the benefit of private developers,? said Julie Wiltse, resident of the West End.  ?The Council should repeal the blight designation now and remove once and for all the threat of eminent domain abuse against our homes.?

After the rally, Wiltse and other rally participants will attend the City Council meeting and ask the Council to repeal the bogus blight label so that West End residents will finally be safe from eminent domain abuse.