John Kramer
John Kramer · July 24, 1997

Washington, D.C. ­ The Ohio Supreme Court today issued a stay of a lower court ruling, thereby allowing the Cleveland school choice program to continue for the coming school year.

“This ruling means everything to 2,000 economically disadvantaged children who were in jeopardy of losing their only hope for a decent education,” said Clint Bolick, the Institute for Justice’s litigation director. The Institute represents Hope for Cleveland’s Children and low-income families participating in the school choice program.

The program is under attack by two teachers’ unions which won a ruling earlier this year invalidating the program on First Amendment religious establishment grounds. Last summer, a trial court upheld the program.

The Institute sought the stay of the appeals court ruling. “For once, the kids have triumphed over the powerful special interests,” Bolick declared.

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