Mindy Menjou

Research Publications Manager

Mindy Menjou is the Institute for Justice’s research publications manager. She edits original social science research produced by the strategic research team and manages the full production and promotion process within the SR team and across other IJ teams. On occasion, she also co-writes studies.

Mindy holds a Master in British Studies from the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Bachelor of Arts in English and French from the University of Southern California.


University of Southern California, B.A., English and French, 2006

Humboldt University of Berlin, Master in British Studies, 2011

Mindy's Research & Reports

Cosmetology | Economic Liberty

Beauty School Debt and Drop-Outs

Cosmetology is one of the most widely and onerously regulated occupations for lower-income workers, yet little research has explored the experiences of aspiring beauty workers. This first-of-its-kind study takes advantage of federal educational…

Fines and Fees | Private Property

Municipal Fines and Fees

Cities and towns nationwide use their power to enforce traffic, property code and other ordinances to raise revenue rather than solely to protect the public. And, as this report finds, a wide range of state…

Economic Liberty | Private Property

Finding the American Dream at Home

Across the country, millions of enterprising people are running businesses out of their homes. This report outlines the myriad benefits of home-based businesses and suggests that government regulations curtailing them are short-sighted. It details how…

Civil Forfeiture | Private Property

Forfeiture Transparency & Accountability

Every year, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies across the United States seize and keep billions of dollars in cash, cars, homes and other property using a legal tool called forfeiture. Criminal forfeiture requires…

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