Brian Berube

Brian Berube, owner of the Lonesome Dove saloon in Mandan, North Dakota, started his business with August “Augie” Kersten 28 years ago. The saloon had become a second home for cowboys and other locals searching for good music and good company.

  • May 21, 2019    |   First Amendment

    Mandan, ND Mural

    Mandan's "mural police" goes after art the city does not like

    Augie and Brian, as good citizens, dutifully applied for a mural permit. But Mandan officials stymied Augie and Brian at every turn. The city said that because Lonesome Dove’s name appeared in the artwork, it couldn’t be a mural, since murals could not be “intended to advertise an establishment.” Nor could Lonesome Dove get a…

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