Scott Dutcher

March 11, 2015

Passionate about politics his entire life, Scott started volunteering for political causes in college and soon found himself spending his spare moments licking envelopes for candidates who inspired him. After a lifetime of volunteering for others, Scott decided to throw his own hat in the ring and run for State House in 2012, losing by the narrowest of margins—just 255 votes out of over 21,000 votes cast.

Scott would have been able to send out more flyers and reach more potential voters if he had not maxed out his special sources limit by September of 2012. He also would not have had to spend so much time fundraising, and could have knocked on more doors and talked with more voters. But once Scott reached the limit, he could no longer accept larger contributions from people who believed in his candidacy. He was then limited to accepting contributions of only half the individual limit. This was devastating to Scott who, as a new candidate, needed to be able to get the word out in order to have a chance at winning.