A beauty mobile application for women of color

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Shawna Woodruff
North Lawndale

Shawna Woodruff and her cofounding sisters of BeautySKU know what it feels like to throw their hard-earned money at beauty brands that don’t appreciate them enough to incorporate their foundation shades or create solutions for their hair textures. Shawna and her sisters were also fed up with having to rely solely on influencers and endless google searches to help make purchasing decisions. For this and during the pandemic, they decided to create BeautySKU a mobile application that enhances the in-store experience of beauty products for women of color.

Shawna Woodruff and her cofounding sisters of BeautySKU

BeautySKU allows customers to scan a beauty product while shopping in store to view recommendations and daily routines from other users that use that product. The app is especially useful when store employees aren’t available to help or familiar with products for specific skin or hair types. It gives customers access to a make-up counter experience while shopping in the aisles. Shawna and her sisters are reimagining the buying experience and building this Tech business on the South Side!

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