Stoviink Creatives

Inspiring Wellness Through Artisanal Crafts & the Creative Arts

Contestant Details

Megan and Marie Turner
Bronzeville and South Shore

As creatives and entrepreneurs, Megan and Marie Turner found it increasingly important to incorporate their South Side stories and experiences into their business products. These stories are at the heart of everything they create, including their personal journeys, struggles, and pursuit of self-care.

By combining these elements, Megan and Marie established Stoviink Creatives with an intense desire to inspire others. This all unfolded during the pandemic, a critical time when people began embracing a new outlook on wellness. They recognized a need to fulfill this among their customers.

Megan and Marie Turner of Stoviink Creatives

Through all of these elements, they were able to do more than simply showcase products like soap, spray, or cranberry sauce. They share the transformative power of art and make it tangible through their products. Stoviink Creatives’ impact extends beyond helping individuals on the South Side of Chicago; it also provides employment opportunities and presents a fresh approach to doing business, which can ultimately create lasting legacy. Megan and Marie’s Stoviink Creatives serve as intersection for commerce, culture, and community. 

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