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CJ Harris
Washington Heights & South Loop

I strive to inspire others that you can succeed despite your background or how you grew up. I'm a proud south sider–born and raised in various locations from Auburn Gresham, to Grand Crossing/Chatham to South Shore and now currently Washington Heights. South Siders have grit and resilience. It was tough growing up watching my father overcome drug addiction and incarceration. I’ve had to build myself up enough to fight through poverty, get an education and start my own business. Just like me, for many in our community, entrepreneurship is the pathway out of poverty.

That’s So Creative was born out of a heart to serve businesses and help them grow. In 2016, I left my full-time position in design and communications for a large nonprofit to start my own company. I’ve always had a passion for marketing while also working as a freelancer with small businesses and organizations. Knowing the path I wanted to follow, I sought out additional business and marketing training to expand my capacity to serve clients. That’s So Creative, LLC is a full-service creative and marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, communications, and website development. Our mission is to help purpose-driven businesses in building their brand and marketing communications to have a greater impact on the community. Today, I’m thankful that I get the opportunity to serve other South Side businesses that may have similar stories to mine.

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