T’Kor Couture

Black-owned luxury fashion

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Dinah T’kor Clottey
Hyde Park

T’KOR Couture is a Black-owned luxury fashion brand that specializes in handmade crochet clothing and accessories. T’KOR was founded by Dinah T’kor Clottey in the midst of the global pandemic and fight for Black Lives in the summer of 2020. At the time, Dinah was a rising third year at the University of Chicago, and to escape the painful events that were happening around her, Dinah came to crochet. Soon, fashion became the vessel in which Dinah poured her heart and soul into to bring back some light in those dark times.

Just using her hands, Dinah creates unique and compelling crochet pieces meant to uplift anyone’s day. Each of her collections feature stories from or messages to underrepresented/marginalized communities. As a Black woman, Dinah can relate to always feeling like she was on the outside. But that didn’t mean she had to be invisible. Dinah’s creations aim to express the soul. Soul is not only the expression of who we are, but it is our very essence. Soul embraces the communities we come from, it is the link between us and our ancestors, between us and those that come after us. Very much inspired by the world and the diverse people in it, T’KOR aims for the inclusion and representation of bodies, minds, and souls. It aims to create clothes that allow those who come to express who they are freely.

T’KOR Couture prides itself on being a slow fashion brand as all of Dinah’s garments are ethically produced. Currently, each piece is handmade by Dinah herself on the southside of Chicago. As the business grows and the team expands, this is a value that will remain essential.

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