An Associated Press story on recent pushes to legalize homed-baked goods in New Jersey has been reprinted in over 400 outlets across the country, including The New York Times, The Miami Herald, CNBC, The San Francisco Gate and The Houston Chronicle.  New Jersey and Wisconsin are currently the only two states that ban the sale of home-baked goods.

The story highlights initiatives IJ has taken to expand entrepreneurial freedom to bakers in these states, including filing a lawsuit against Wisconsin’s law. As the story points out:

The Institute for Justice filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin’s rules in January and successfully fought restrictive cottage food laws in Minnesota. It recently has begun talking with the New Jersey group.

“All these home bakers want to be able to do is sell their goods at community events, farmers markets and directly to consumers,” said Erica Smith, an attorney with the institute. “This is something that people have been doing in this country for hundreds of years. It’s just an American tradition to sell to your neighbors.”

Read more about IJ’s work fighting for food freedom here.