Ending 2006 Strong

December 1, 2006

December 2006

Ending 2006 Strong

And Looking Forward to Our Next 15 Years

This newsletter marks the end of our 15th year, and in it you will find an unprecedented level of activity that underscores IJ’s potential for the next 15 years. You will read about an exciting array of cases filed or appealed in eight weeks, covering each of our four pillars: economic liberty, free speech, property rights and school choice. You will read of victories and meet clients who have prevailed with IJ’s help, as well as those who have just begun their fight. And you will be able to see the dedication and talent of IJ’s staff—without whom such activities and accomplishments would not be possible.

It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since IJ opened its doors. We have always been so immersed in all it takes to maintain IJ’s momentum and success that time sped by. While our mission remains the same, we are a much different organization today than we were 15 years ago. The institutional strengths we have developed with the generosity of our supporters enable us to tackle more cases, take on larger adversaries, and execute our strategic litigation with greater sophistication each passing year. This is crucial because the power of government at all levels is growing at an ominous rate.

So enjoy this issue of Liberty & Law, knowing that they not only depict the recent past but also point the way to an exciting future.

Chip Mellor IJ’s president and general counsel

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Ending 2006 Strong

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