Please Support IJ With a Year-End Donation

December 1, 2006

Please Support IJ With a Year-End Donation

Last year, 84 percent of IJ’s funding came from individuals just like you, while another 15 percent came from professional grant-making foundations and less than one percent was received from corporations.  By virtue of their support, each of these individuals and organizations helped secure real-world results while advancing principles they believe in.  And they did so very efficiently, as 82 cents of every dollar they contributed went directly to fund IJ’s strategic litigation and programs.

This year, won’t you join them?

The positive effects your support will have on our clients and others like them will manifest daily, as we help entrepreneurs like Dennis Ballen, property owners like Princess Wells and school choice moms like Stella Gomez fight for their share of the American Dream.  But more than that, you will be helping IJ secure a rule of law under which each of us is better able to enjoy the benefits of liberty as the Founders intended.  That is a powerful one-two punch that is hard to beat, even in today’s competitive charitable giving marketplace.

As you consider your year-end giving, please think about the difference you will make with a contribution to IJ.  For your convenience, we have enclosed a return envelope, or you can donate online here.

We look forward to showing you all that we can achieve with your support.


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