IJ’s YouTube Channel Reaches Quarter Million Subscribers

February 1, 2022

Now more than ever, video is the indispensable medium to connect with audiences. Video is art and entertainment, but it is also the most sophisticated way to distill complicated facts and casework for a diverse audience. Even though more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, IJ’s videos cut through the noise and connect people nationwide with our clients’ stories and the ideas of individual liberty. This past December, our YouTube channel hit a major milestone: reaching and then exceeding 250,000 subscribers. 

Now IJ’s core YouTube audience is growing faster than ever. Less than 1% of all YouTube channels have 100,000 subscribers, and IJ is among an even more exclusive group of creators with over 250,000 dedicated fans. Importantly, IJ’s subscribers are not just passive onlookers—they are highly engaged fans who help spread our message far and wide. 

IJ’s videos bring viewers up close and personal with the people IJ is fighting for. Audiences hear our clients’ words, see the sincerity in their eyes—and that human connection makes a stranger’s story tangible and memorable. But the connection doesn’t stop there. IJ’s subscribers share our videos on social media platforms and are active in the comment sections, where they root for our clients, share their outrage, and ask questions. Each comment from an engaged viewer is a powerful signal to YouTube’s recommendations, which helps put our videos in front of an even larger audience. But more than that, these comments show our audience is paying close attention and feels connected to our clients and passionate about IJ’s issue areas.

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