All In For Freedom

November 20, 2014

In October, nearly 200 IJ Partners, Four Pillars Society members, staff and clients gathered in Palm Beach, Fla., for IJ’s fifth Partners Retreat. Attendees participated in a full day of exciting and creative presentations that delved into all dimensions of IJ’s work. They learned how IJ’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion and perseverance make possible dramatic victories for liberty and will enable us to save the U.S. Constitution and turn back the tide of government overreach. Nationally acclaimed speakers, including Dave Barry, John Stossel, Glenn Reynolds, Megan McArdle and Charles Murray, delighted the crowd.

But perhaps the most moving words that were spoken at the retreat were those of IJ’s clients—14 of whom took the stage to share their stories of being on the front lines of the fight for freedom. Their infectious optimism left attendees inspired and confident that IJ has the vision to succeed in our important mission.

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