New Elfie Gallun Fellow in Freedom and the Constitution: Attorney Josh Windham

October 1, 2022

IJ is proud to announce our newest Elfie Gallun Fellow in Freedom and the Constitution. In July, Attorney Josh Windham succeeded Attorney Anya Bidwell to become IJ’s fourth Elfie Gallun Fellow. 

Longtime IJ supporters Elfie and Ned Gallun established this prestigious fellowship in 2014. Elfie’s early life story, a grim tale of the horrors of totalitarian rule, greatly influenced her deep appreciation for freedom and inspired her to launch the Fellowship. Having already suffered in Hitler’s Germany, she narrowly escaped imprisonment in Stalin’s East Germany at age 19 by fleeing to West Berlin—crossing a river in the dark of night to reach freedom.  

“Most Americans have always known freedom,” says Josh. “Elfie’s story offers a crucial reminder, both of how fragile liberty truly is and of the moral courage needed to preserve it.” 

Since starting at IJ in 2016, Josh has worked to defend economic liberty and property rights. In 2020, he secured a major Pennsylvania Supreme Court victory holding that the Commonwealth’s constitution demands greater protection for economic liberty than the U.S. Constitution. Josh is also a leader of IJ’s Project on the Fourth Amendment. As IJ’s Elfie Gallun Fellow, Josh will publish and speak about vital constitutional rights that protect our most essential freedoms. 

Elfie passed away on January 22, 2019, in Hartland, Wisconsin—where she made her home for 50 years. We are honored to carry on her legacy of courage and unwavering commitment to freedom through the Elfie Gallun Fellowship.

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