Our newsletter begins announcements about federal en banc decisions with the phrase “And in en banc news.” And about a year ago we had an argument on the podcast on how to pronounce that fancy French-sounding phrase. Today we bring back the guests from that episode—Sam Gedge and Bob Belden—to settle the issue, once and for all. Along the way you’ll learn about how we have the Germans to thank for how we describe full sittings of the federal courts of appeals. You’ll also learn about two recent en banc cases, one from the Eleventh Circuit concerning how prisoners can sue in federal court, and one from the D.C. Circuit about how foreign students can stay in the country and get some work experience. There’s also a couple rabbit holes involving decretal language and whether a “dissental” is a thing.

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Draft of article And in En Banc News . . . (to appear in Judicature)

Judge Newman article on decretal language

Wells v. Brown

Washington Alliance v. DHS

En banc argument episode

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