Andrew Wimer
Andrew Wimer · April 21, 2023

PHOENIX—Arizona home-based entrepreneurs are calling on lawmakers to override Gov. Katie Hobbs’ veto of HB 2509, a bill to expand the foods that home-based entrepreneurs are allowed to sell. The veto override vote is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 25. The bill, which passed the Senate 26 to 4 and the House of Representatives 45 to 11, would permit homemade food producers to sell refrigerated foods and meals, including perishable ingredients like butter, eggs, and meats.

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“I was very disappointed when I heard that Governor Hobbs vetoed the Homemade Food Bill. I recently obtained my cottage food license and am currently baking and selling sourdough bread. But, there are loads of other delicious things that I would love to make with my sourdough, especially cupcakes. HB 2509 would have made delicious, real buttercream frosting legal and I would be able to expand my product line and earn more money. I do hope that the legislature can override the veto. It means a lot to me and other home bakers who are either earning a living or supplementing our income with our homemade goods.”

Alison Mckee, Phoenix

“I love making tamales for friends and family, as well as a variety of baked treats. This bill would mean so much to my family, who relies on cottage food. Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue offering many foods due to the restrictive laws currently in place. Making tamales is a family tradition that has been passed down from generations—it allows me and my family to spend time together, provide for ourselves, and share traditions.”

Chel Lewis, Surprise

“As a citizen of Apache County—one of Arizona’s most food-insecure and poverty-stricken Counties, I beg Governor Hobbs to reconsider her position. So many of our residents here rely on home businesses to support their families and food products are an essential and important output. I’ve invited the Governor to visit our counties to see for herself how much this matters to those who produce cottage products and those who consume it.”

Gina Irons, Eagar

“I was devastated to learn that Governor Hobbs struck down HB 2509 with the swift swipe of her pen. Food-borne illness is the responsibility of every food handler. Just because we’re home-based producers and we may not be able to afford a commercial space does not mean the health and safety measures to our clients are conducted at a lesser standard.”

Michelle Ware, Prescott Valley