Parents to Promptly Appeal School Choice Decision

John Kramer
John Kramer · January 15, 1997

Washington, D.C. – Parents for School Choice, the Milwaukee organization that is defending the constitutionality of the expanded Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, announced it promptly will appeal the ruling today by Dane County Circuit Court Judge Paul Higginbotham striking down the expansion.

The Institute for Justice, the Washington-based public interest group that represents the parents, anticipated the result.

“We’ve known since last summer that Judge Higginbotham planned to strike down the program,” declared the Institute’s litigation director Clint Bolick, who has argued the case.  “We were anxious to get this decision in order to start the appeals process.”

“We’ll try to move the appeal rapidly in the hopes of obtaining an appeals court decision before the next school year starts,” said Bolick.  “We don’t want these schoolchildren to lose out on good schools for another year.”

“Ultimately, we remain confident this program will survive the constitutional challenge and provide desperately needed opportunities to thousands of children,” Bolick added.

Last year, an Ohio trial court upheld a similar school choice program in Cleveland.  Nearly 2,000 youngsters were awarded scholarships to attend private schools, including religious ones.  The Institute represents parents and children in that lawsuit as well.

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