The authors would first like to thank the entrepreneurs who took time out of their busy lives to invite us to their businesses and tell us about their experiences starting and running a business in their city. They include: Dennis Ballen, Marcus Bullock, Debbie Carlson, James Dupree, Ana Galindo, Lucio González, Sara Hopkins, Yohance Lacour, Christina Moffatt, Luis Murua, Topher Patch, Jesse Rice, Paige Roth, Beth Rovazzini, Tameka Stigers, Sinnidra Taylor, Tim Tobitsch, Emily Ward, and Joey Ward.

We would also like to acknowledge our IJ colleagues, both past and present, who have contributed in ways both large and small to the publication of this report. For years, Brooke Fallon trailblazed IJ’s work at the grassroots to help entrepreneurs navigate local regulations in cities. Her vision guided our research and laid the groundwork for this report. Our editors, Christina Walsh and Jennifer McDonald, kept us on track throughout the process and helped ensure the report’s language was clear for readers. Chad Reese also helped establish research goals and methodology early on, gave feedback on research takeaways, and assisted in drafting the report’s sidebar content. Joshua Swain traveled with us across the country to take powerful photos of the entrepreneurs we interviewed and the cities we visited. Don Wilson shepherded us through the publication process, while Nathalie Walker turned the report’s final draft into a beautifully designed and sleek booklet. Rima Gerhard and Justin Wilson built us a fantastic website. Porter Enstrom, David Losson, Stephen Sands, Betsy Sanz, Tommaso Solomon, and Savannah Valentine contributed crucial research, called city officials to resolve outstanding questions, and participated in the data-verification process. Scott Bullock, Dana Berliner, Beth Kregor, Rob Frommer, and Keith Diggs reviewed drafts of the report and provided insightful feedback that was key to the report’s evolution. Evan Lisull, our faithful proofer and cite-checker, ensured that the report was consistent and error-free.