A Family’s Guide to Grassroots Activism

Every child deserves access to a quality education.

This is your guide to achieving it.


Educational choice is based on the commonsense idea that as your child’s first teacher, you are the best person to make decisions about your child’s education – and that no child should be required to attend a school that isn’t right for him or her.

You can bring educational choice to your state, and this guide will help.  It is packed with time-tested, practical grassroots strategies that have helped tens of thousands of people succeed in creating change in their communities - and it can help you succeed.


Virginia Walden Ford, parent
and activist, Washington, D.C.

"When I realized that parent voices were key in ensuring that our children receive the best education possible, it appeared such a difficult task, but knowing that parents are the best advocates for their children, I knew that we must raise our voices and fight for them.  With courage and determination, our small group of parents began to speak out – and people listened."

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