Sharing Your Story

If you’re new to organizing or parent advocacy, you might be wondering why it is so important to share your own personal story. After all, educational choice is an issue for all of us, so does your own story matter that much? In short, yes! There is nothing more impactful than personal stories. This section explains how to tell your story and includes some optional activities to get you started.

Stories matter because even someone you think will never agree with you might see the issue from a new perspective after hearing your experience. More importantly, finding out for yourself what drives you to make a difference on this issue will get you through the long, hard fight for educational choice. Finding your “why” will help you stay motivated when times are tough and make victory sweeter when it comes.

How To Launch Your Group

By this time, you have done some of the hardest work and your group is off the ground. You’ve talked to your family and friends, you’ve canvassed events talking with strangers, you’ve created a mission statement – and perhaps you’ve even had your first meeting, started having parent leaders take on roles, and found some partners. Now it’s time to officially announce the formation of your group to the media, the public, and policymakers.

Just a note: It’s okay if a local reporter already called to ask about your work before you officially launch. But planning your launch as soon as you are ready means that you have a chance to control how you introduce yourself to the world. And that can make a big difference!

Time To Make Some Noise

So far, we’ve talked about organizing events – which until now will have been mostly private and meant to organize your members – and launching your group, which will be the first time you go public. But can you go public more than once? Absolutely! In fact, holding events and rallies can be a powerful way to help your efforts succeed because they demonstrate to potential members and to the public how much support you have. Especially in difficult legislative battles, sometimes success will come down to making noise. Here are some ideas for doing that.

Getting Your Message Out: Working With the Media

This section is one of the most important ones because of what we covered in "The Facts About Educational Choice." Fighting for educational choice is uniquely difficult because of misconceptions in the public, and you have very few chances to combat the other side in the court of public opinion. You want to make sure to make the most of every single opportunity.

But the responsibility is not just on you – it is important that every member of your network speaks with one voice and stays on message.

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