Working with the Legislature

IJ has years of experience advocating for educational choice programs in front of state legislatures and defending them in courts across the country, and we are eager to help you work with your lawmakers. Each legislature is different, but most of the time, you can expect your bill process to look something like the image below. At key points along the way, it will be critically important that legislators hear your stories about how the bill would help you and your family. IJ and other allies can help you identify these points and be prepared!

Victory! Now What?

For a moment, imagine that everything went right. You built a parent group, you teamed up with partners, and you found a legislative champion. It was a tough fight in the legislature, but the bill passed – and was signed into law!

Now what?

Educational choice provides life-changing opportunities to hundreds of thousands of children and their families across the country. This isn’t a passing political issue; this is about opening up opportunities for future generations to come. And this should be celebrated!

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