Appendix B: Results

This appendix presents detailed findings from the analyses described in Appendix A. Table B1 presents descriptive statistics from each of the occupation-state comparisons. 

Table B1: Descriptive Statistics of Yelp Ratings for Each Occupation-State Comparison

Lower Burden/UnlicensedHigher Burden/Licensed
OccupationStateMean RatingStandard Deviation of RatingStateMean RatingStandard Deviation of Rating
Interior DesignerCA3.71.4NV4.51.0
Tree TrimmerNV4.21.2CA4.31.2
Tree TrimmerVA4.11.2MD3.81.4

Table B2 provides regression results for each of the occupation-state comparisons. Nearest-neighbor robust standard errors are used throughout.

Table B2: Regression Results

Occupation Coefficient SE
Barber 0.07 0.22
Cosmetologist – NY and CT -0.53* 0.14
Cosmetologist – NY and NJ -0.22* 0.05
Interior Designer -1.36 3.89
Locksmith -0.36 0.33
Manicurist – CT and MA -0.20 0.32
Manicurist – CT and NY -0.17 0.21
Tree Trimmer – NV and CA 0.32 1.15
Tree Trimmer – VA and MD -0.96 0.63
*p < 0.05