Funeral Attendant

Funeral attendants or funeral home assistants perform a variety of tasks during a funeral, such as placing the casket in the parlor or chapel prior to service; arranging floral offerings or lights around the casket; directing or escorting mourners; closing the casket; and issuing and storing funeral equipment.
License required by 3 states
78th most burdensome licensing requirements
91st most widely and onerously licensed occupation

Three states require a license to work as a funeral attendant: Kansas, Maine and Massachusetts. Only Massachusetts requires any education or experience (a one-credit-hour course), while only Kansas requires an exam. The three states require an average of $124 in fees. These requirements are 78th most burdensome of the 102 occupations studied here. Because so few states license funeral attendants, the occupation ranks as the 91st most widely and onerously licensed.

Burden Rank State States Licensed Fees Estimated Calendar Days Lost Education Experience Exams Minimum Grade Minimum Age
1 Massachusetts 3 $70.00 7 1 credit hours - 0 12 0
2 Kansas 3 $200.00 0 - - 1 12 17
3 Maine 3 $101.00 0 - - 0 0 0