Home Entertainment Installer

Home entertainment installers repair, adjust or install audio or television receivers, stereo systems, camcorders, video systems or other electronic home entertainment equipment.
License required by 1 states
18th most burdensome licensing requirements
99th most widely and onerously licensed occupation

Only one state, Connecticut, requires a license to work as a home entertainment installer. Connecticut requires $185 in fees, about 575 days of education and experience (900 hours of technical education and one year of experience as an apprentice), and an exam, in addition to a high school diploma. These requirements are the 18th most burdensome of the 102 occupations studied here. However, because only one state licenses home entertainment installers, the occupation ranks as only the 99th most widely and onerously licensed.

Burden Rank State States Licensed Fees Estimated Calendar Days Lost Education Experience Exams Minimum Grade Minimum Age
1 Connecticut 1 $185.00 575 900 clock hours 1 years 1 12 0