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Our Issues

  • School Choice

    School choice is simply the idea that all parents, regardless of means, should enjoy the freedom to choose what schools their children attend.

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  • Economic Liberty

    The right to earn a living in the occupation of your choice without unnecessary government interference is at the heart of the American Dream.

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  • First Amendment

    We seek to defend the free flow of information—information that is indispensable to our democratic form of government and to our free enterprise economy.

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  • Private Property

    Respecting the right of private property is essential to a just and prosperous society. But government at all levels—local, state and federal—routinely infringe on these rights.

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IJ By the Numbers

4 Litigation Pillars

  • Economic Liberty
  • Property Rights
  • School Choice
  • Free Speech


  • 80% from individuals
  • 20% from foundations

IJ litigated 5 U.S. Supreme Court cases since 2002, including 4 victories

IJ is currently litigating 43 cases in 26 states and Washington, D.C.

7 offices

103 employees, including 44 attorneys



1,189 Partners giving $1,000 or more each year

Over 8,000 individual donors

= 25 donors

$25 million budget in FY18

FY17 Budget Breakdown

81%: Programs
11%: Administration
8%: Development

91 legislative reforms secured

48 national awards for communications


Success Rate

Through litigation and legislation

IJ strategic research cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and in 192 articles in scholarly, law, and policy publications.

64 eminent domain projects and blight designations defeated by IJ activism.

Behind the Scenes at IJ

  • Arguing before the 8th Circuit

    Today we argued before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of Missouri’s hairbraiders. The government forces them to take 1,500 hours of irrelevant cosmetology training just to braid hair. That’s unconstitutional. PICTURED: IJ staff and braiders after today’s argument.

  • Oral Argument in Florida

    IJ client and attorneys before their appellate argument at Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal for the Miami Shores Veggie Garden case. Pictured: IJ Attorneys Ari Bargil, client Tom Carroll, and IJ Attorney Michael Bindas.

  • Major Hearing in Charm City

    Today we appeared before the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to find the city’s 300-foot ban for food trucks unconstitutional.  PHOTO: IJ attorneys Greg Reed (left) and Robert Frommer (right) addressing the media after the hearing.

  • Victory in Chicago!

    Victory! The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneur has been providing legal support and legislative advocacy for Chicago’s street vendors for more than 8 years. Yesterday was the ribbon cutting for their shared kitchen space and it is a day that marks their ability to come out of the shadow economy, comply with the law, and serve delicious treats on Chicago’s streets without fear of harassment, fines or arrest.

  • Testifying before the Louisiana Senate

    14 braiders joined IJ at the Louisiana Senate on May 31 for a hearing on our 2 braiding freedom bills. IJ’s Lee McGrath and Michelle, a Shreveport braider, testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and International Affairs.

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