The local use of zoning was first blessed by the U.S. Supreme Court in its controversial 1926 decision in Euclid v. Ambler Realty. And since that decision, modern zoning has exploded. Today, the modern zoning apparatus goes well beyond what the Supreme Court in Euclid could have ever intended.

The consequences of zoning’s proliferation in America have been disastrous. Zoning has directly led to irresponsible growth patterns, contributing to environmental degradation and perpetuating some of America’s ugliest civil rights challenges. And it has made it harder for Americans of all stripes to live, work, and recreate. The result, nearly everywhere, has been a highly restrictive hodgepodge of regulations that governs everything from where we live, work, and raise our families, to what we can do on or in our own homes. Zoning has made us less free, and, less prosperous.

But rampant zoning hasn’t always been the norm. And IJ has been battling against zoning’s encroachment for years, advocating both litigation and public-policy strategies that will make Americans more free from arbitrary and exclusionary zoning regulations.

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Zoning Legislation

Housing Opportunities Made Easier (HOME) Act

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Housing Opportunities Made Easier (HOME) Act

The housing shortage is problem that can be significantly solved with one change. Scholars, state legislators and municipal officials from different backgrounds agree that a crucial component to increasing supply is to reform zoning laws.

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