Cases: First Amendment

First Amendment

“The institute . . . battles against nonsensical regulations nationwide that stifle free speech and limit commerce.”
The Orange County Register


IJ defends freedom of speech in a variety of contexts, from commercial speech to occupational speech to political speech, ensuring that government regulation is constrained and that speakers and listeners are able to freely exchange information on the topics that matter most to them.

Free markets depend on the free flow of information, which is why IJ has long defended the right of business owners to communicate commercial speech to their customers. IJ has also litigated groundbreaking cases in defense of occupational speech, protecting authors, tour guides, interior designers, and others who speak for a living from government regulations designed to stifle or silence their speech. Finally, IJ has been at the forefront of the fight against laws that hamstring political speech by ordinary citizens and entrench political insiders, including burdensome campaign-finance laws and restrictions on grassroots lobbying.

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