Kendall Morton

Assistant Director of Litigation Special Projects and Paralegal (TX Office)

Kendall serves as IJ’s Assistant Director of Litigation Special Projects and Paralegal. Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, she attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated at the top of her class with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. After years of working in the banking industry, her desire to make a difference and respect for individual liberty led her to our Austin office. As the Assistant Director of Litigation Special Projects, Kendall brainstorms, develops, and manages internal and external tools that support our litigation efforts and advance IJ’s mission.

Kendall's Cases

Educational Choice | Publicly Funded Scholarships

Alaska School Choice

As a sparsely populated state, Alaska faces unique challenges in ensuring that all children can receive an education. To address this concern, the state created “correspondence programs,” in which a student’s public school used the…

Civil Forfeiture | Private Property

Texas Forfeiture II

Harris County, Texas, has an unconstitutional financial incentive for law enforcement to seize property and cash excessively without probable cause, often sweeping up innocent people in the process. Ameal Woods and Jordan Davis are two…

Economic Liberty

Can States Bar Newcomers from Owning a Business?

A Tennessee law required that in order to open a liquor store, one must be a Tennessee resident for two years. With help from IJ, Doug and Mary Ketchum challenged this law, bringing it all…

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Kendall's Research & Reports

Constitutional GPA

Immunity and Accountability

Constitutional GPA

Constitutional rights only exist if they can be enforced. But a confusing patchwork of immunity doctrines and special rules often means they cannot be. Chief among the doctrines that prevent constitutional accountability is qualified immunity,…

Immunity and Accountability

50 Shades of Government Immunity

Americans Deserve Their Day in Court: New study ranks states on access to justice and government accountability…