Gretchen Embrey

Director of Paralegal Services & Senior Paralegal

Gretchen Embrey serves as IJ’s Director of Paralegal Services & Senior Paralegal. She joined IJ in January 1996. Her responsibilities include management of IJ’s paralegals, along with preparing and filing legal documents in courts across the country. Gretchen received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Legal Studies in 1995 from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.

Gretchen's Cases

Other Property Rights Abuses | Private Property | Right to Shelter

Akron Homeless Advocate Sues for Right to Shelter the Homeless

Sage Lewis is using his commercial property to build a community for those experiencing homelessness, with the hope of helping them transition from the streets to permanent housing. The city of Akron is attempting to…

Civil Forfeiture | Private Property

IJ to IRS: Give Back This Money

The message from the Institute for Justice, which represents Ken and Randy, to the IRS is simple: If you’ve taken something that doesn’t belong to you, give it back.

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