Hilary Loya

Paralegal and Office Manager (WA Office)

Hilary is the paralegal and office manager at IJ’s Washington State office, where she prepares and files legal documents, researches potential cases, and handles various administrative responsibilities. She has spent her entire life in the greater Seattle area. Hilary attended the University of Washington, earning a BA in Environmental Studies in 2013 and paralegal certification in 2016. Before joining the team at IJ, she worked in environmental insurance litigation.

Hilary's Cases


Fines and Fees | Private Property

New Orleans Ankle Monitors

Judges must be impartial when deciding to deprive a person of his or her property. Unfortunately, one judge in New Orleans has been ordering individuals to wear an ankle monitor from a company in which…

Educational Choice

Washington Work Study

Summit Christian Academy wanted to hire college students to be tutors under the state’s work-study program, but Washington officials barred the academy from doing so, simply because it’s a religious school. After IJ got involved…

Lactation, Laws, Mothers, Consultants, Babies

Economic Liberty | Health | Occupational Licensing

Georgia Lactation Consultants

For decades, Mary Jackson has worked as a lactation consultant, helping new moms and babies during a critical time in their lives. Then one day, Georgia passed the nation’s most restrictive licensing regime for lactation…

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