The Institute for Justice litigates to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans. IJ defends ordinary people who want to earn an honest living, own and enjoy their property, speak freely, and give their children a good education but find that the government is standing in their way.

We fight to hold government officials accountable when they violate constitutional rights and to prevent governments at all levels from bending the rules to expand their power or advance illegitimate ends.

IJ wins three out of four cases through outright courtroom victories or legislative change prompted by our lawsuits.

IJ clients like Elijah and Ashley Durham stand for their rights and the rights of others.

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Other Property Rights Abuses | Private Property

Winston-Salem Tries to Control Who Can Visit Private Property

Kimberly Dunckel and her family founded Fairytale Farm Animal Sanctuary to give neglected and special-needs farm animals a “happily ever after.” Their 3.3-acre property provides a place where the public could learn from and…

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Eminent Domain | Private Property

Jarreau v. South LaFourche Levee District

On behalf of a Louisiana dirt farmer, IJ filed a cert petition to the United States Supreme Court to determine if the government must pay you for losses incurred when it destroys your business through…

Commercial Speech | First Amendment | Sign Codes

Video game store sues to protect its inflatable Mario sign

The town of Orange Park, Florida banned Scott Fisher from putting an inflatable blow-up of the video game character Mario in front of his video game store. IJ and Scott challenged the town’s law that…

Economic Liberty | Food Freedom | Wine

Minnesota Farm Wineries Fight for Free Trade

A little-known but onerous state law prevented Minnesota vineyards from making a majority of their wine from grapes grown outside Minnesota. IJ partnered with two vineyards to fight this law, and eventually a federal district…