Reviews, Endorsements and What’s Being Said About Policing for Profit

Policing for Profit

“This comprehensive statistical and legal study of civil forfeiture in all 50 states is a major contribution to understanding the profit motive driving state and federal forfeiture efforts.  The authors grade the civil forfeiture laws and practices of each state and few get good grades.  A must-read for policy makers.”

David B. Smith, English and Smith, Alexandria, VA; Former Deputy Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Office of the U.S. Department of Justice; Author of Prosecution and Defense of Forfeiture Cases

“Government abuse is one of the tragic themes of modern America.  Right now, a rising tide of asset forfeitures has become a way for fiscally challenged governments to fill their coffers at the expense of innocent citizens.  In Policing for Profit, the authors offer a hard-hitting, state-by-state account of a growing government abuse.  This tightly reasoned document is a call for action by legislatures, citizens and, in the last resort, the Supreme Court.”

Richard A. Epstein, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School

“This timely report shines a necessary spotlight on the troubling and under-documented problem of asset forfeiture abuse, which disproportionately impacts people of color.  Its review of asset forfeiture laws and practices in the 50 states illustrates why advocates of all political stripes are coming together to demand smart reform of these laws in order to prevent further abuse.”

Vanita Gupta, American Civil Liberties Union

“The late Henry Hyde considered the way many law enforcement agencies abuse civil asset forfeiture laws for their own profit an affront to the Constitution and a free people.  Anyone … conservative, liberal, Republican or Democrat … who reads this new study will share his outrage.  More important, armed with the empirical evidence of abuse the authors have compiled, it ought to be possible to finally enact the real reforms for which Hyde fought so hard.  The study should be read and the evidence it contains should be acted upon.”

David Keene, American Conservative Union