Rebekah Ramirez

Senior Paralegal and Office Manager (FL Office)

Rebekah serves as IJ Florida’s Senior Paralegal and Office Manager. After four years working at the Arlington office, Rebekah moved to Florida to open the Miami office in 2011. Her responsibilities include assisting the attorneys with complex legal matters through research, preparation, filing, service, and management of legal documents in state and federal courts IJ litigates in across the country, and all tasks associated with running the Florida office. Rebekah received her Bachelor of Science degree in Law & American Civilization in 2003 from Towson University and her Master of Arts degree in Legal & Ethical Studies from the University of Baltimore in 2005.

Rebekah's Cases

Other Property Rights Abuses | Private Property | Right to Shelter

Sierra Vista Residents Sue City to Keep Their Homes in Place

Under the guise of “zoning,” the city of Sierra VIsta, Arizona is threatening to kick residents out of their homes in the middle of a pandemic. With IJ’s help, these residents are fighting back to…

Commercial Speech | First Amendment | Food Freedom

Mississippi Makes Selling “Veggie Burgers” a Crime

In 2019, after lobbying from the meat industry, Mississippi banned plant-based burgers from using meat-related words, such as burger or hotdog, in their marketing. IJ stepped in to represent plant-based companies in a First Amendment…

Code Enforcement | Fines and Fees | Private Property

Florida Man Could Lose His Home For Having Long Grass

Nobody should lose their home because their grass is too long, but that’s exactly what the city of Dunedin is trying to do to Jim Ficken. Jim and IJ are fighting back against these excessive…

Economic Liberty | Vending

Food-Truck Owners Challenge Ban on Competition

In late August 2018, a little over a week after IJ launched a lawsuit, challenging Carolina Beach’s food truck restrictions, the town repealed its food truck restrictions due to the threat of IJ’s lawsuit.

Commercial Speech | Economic Liberty | First Amendment | Food Freedom | Food Freedom

Maryland Dairy Farmers Sue for Right to Tell the Truth

The FDA prevented Randy Sowers from labelling his skim milk as “skim milk” even though that’s exactly what it is. The First Amendment protects Randy’s right to tell the truth about his product, and after…

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Rebekah's Amicus Briefs

Rowell v. Pettijohn

Rowell v. Pettijohn

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit